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Due to the variability and unpredictability of weather, our DTN Ag Weather Station technology greatly improves the sustainability of social economic development projects in the agricultural sector.

The technology allows for the measuring soil moisture and temperature, solar radiation and leaf wetness, delivering detailed, field level forecasts and insights for specific areas. Together with industry-leading forecast methods, this information provides unbiased and actionable insights which leads to accurate decisions.

Practical applications of the technology include:

  • Real time and future data, irrespective of your location
  • Forming specific field management strategies to optimise yield
  • Being alerted of changing conditions, taking advantage of favourable developing situations or managing imminent risks
  • Saving significant resources, time and money
  • Early warning of conditions which can increase crop risk
  • Make better agronomic decisions.

DTN Ag Weather Station provides the accuracy, responsiveness and relevance needed to reduce risk and optimize yields, both key to successful outcomes and sustainability.

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