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Efficient wind farm operation requires awareness of both current and predicted lightning, hub-height wind speeds, and severe weather or conditions that will limit maintenance activities.

WeatherSentry Wind Edition from DTN is the complete weather solution needed to keep your wind farm operating at max capacity and safely.

  • Display severe weather for one farm or your entire global operation.
  • When weather is approaching, technicians will be automatically alerted allowing them to exit a dangerous situation timeously.
  • Allow you to schedule maintenance when weather won’t interrupt procedures or during low generation periods.
  • Visualize lightning and other severe weather and create location-specific or GPS-position customizable alerts on more than 50 parameters that can be set to monitor the conditions of most importance to you and provide your team with actionable steps that should be taken in case of severe weather.
  • Avoid more expensive repair and blade replacement by identifying turbines for inspection after thunderstorms with the help of our blade inspection option.

WeatherSentry is the only weather provider which empowers you with online access and receive feedback within minutes from an experienced meteorologist.

Accountable. Trusted. Respected.