Sofisa Phillips is a marketing and sales agent, turnkey fund manager, and integrated consulting service to renewable energy, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, aviation, construction, ICT, and tourism.

We realise projects through regenerative, transformative, and empowering legacies for the global communities we serve.


Sofisa Phillips has three focused and integrated pillars

Sofisa Phillips

Our applied regenerative basket brings back our global community to an original condition of freshness, vigour and enthusiasm developing and managing conflict and repairing harm.

Our outcomes are both proactive relationship building and community development, and reactive in repairing harm and restoring relationships.

Sofisa Phillips

Our applied transformation basket focuses on integrated consulting services to include South Africa’s broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE), global local economic development (LED), environment, social and governance (ESG), sustainability, and greening the future.

Our outcomes are measurable strategy, change participation, training, administration, accounting, monitoring, audit, and evaluation.

Sofisa Phillips

Our applied legacy basket enriches and empowers the lives of children, youth, the disadvantaged, communities, and growing business.

Our outcomes are turnkey fund management in socio-economic development (SED), enterprise supplier programmes (ESD); enhanced with products/services marketing and sales, such as sophisticated weather predictive and measurement program assisting with sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, mining, and aviation safety.

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Sofisa Phillips is a marketing and seller of premium global weather software.

The product is proven to monitor weather and other related threats real-time, mitigating risk and improving chances of avoidance, recovery, and sustainability in fields such as agriculture, renewables, oil and gas, mining, and aviation.

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