Sofia Phillips

An infinite mission.

Having a mission or vision statement is pretty standard for most organisations. You might see posters on the office walls spelling out the statement and it is soon forgotten. How believable and inspiring are these mission statements? We believe in having an infinite mission which drives and inspires us.

The Sofisa and Phillips families formed a mutual business relationship after Thembela Sofisa and Andrew Phillips shared a road trip through the Eastern Cape for a mutual client in 2013. Nearing the end of the road trip, they stood on a hill in Joza Location which overlooked Grahamstown and Rhodes University. They asked a simple question of each other.

Who inspires you and what would you do here to create a legacy?
On hearing each other’s answers, Sofisa Phillips was born. Our philosophy is inspired by the great leader Nelson Mandela who sought to “create a nation of equals, to make a difference, for to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others for life“.

It was clear that what we envisaged for Sofisa Phillips was something bigger than the company and was in fact, a just cause. Irrespective of where we operate globally, our premise is always to selflessly serve towards the achievement of well-being in all. This drives and inspires us.

We refer to this as our Infinite Mission.