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Our Icon

Our icon represents what we aspire to mean to funders of social and economic development projects and instill in our beneficiaries as they create legacies for generations to come.

As a company, the traits are what we strive for in everything that we do and we believe that this crosses the line between managing a project and creating a legacy.

Sofisa Phillips

Icons and the leadership traits they represent

  1. Phoenix Wings: Strength, renewal, rebirth, and transformation through its fire.
  2. Lions: Power, courage, confidence, and pride.
  3. Moon: Eternity, serenity, and enlightenment.
  4. River water: Power of nature and constant flow.
  5. Baobab tree: Permanence and Africa.
  6. Sun: Light and life.
  7. Land: Fertility, resource abundance, enriching, enabling and sustainable.
  8. Crab: Agile, patience, and embracing change.
  9. Elephant tusks: Success, power, and wisdom.
  10. Beads: Culture, diversity, richness, and texture.

Accountable. Trusted. Respected.