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Our turnkey fund management successes to date includes managing R110 million annualised funds in South Africa, directly benefiting 30 000 individuals within communities through Socio-Economic Development (SED) programmes and 50 start-up, micro and small businesses through Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programmes.

Sofisa Phillips is a marketing and seller of premium global weather software. The product is proven to monitor weather and other related threats real-time, mitigating risk and improving chances of avoidance, recovery, and sustainability in fields such as agriculture, renewables, oil and gas, mining, and aviation.

SED Admin
R 90 million
30 000 direct beneficiaries
240 000 indirect beneficiaries
R 3000 per beneficiary reach

EnD Administration
R 20 million
50 SMME beneficiaries
540 jobs created
R 27 000 skills spend per job.

Accountable. Trusted. Respected.